Fused Glass Christmas Ornaments

Fused Glass Christmas Ornaments

Thursday, November 29 from 6 – 8pm | Glassie Ladies | 803-796-0407

One of the most exciting parts of the holiday season is bringing down your box of ornaments from the attic. Ripping off that same piece of tape you’ve been using for the last 20 years, removing the first layer of bubble wrap, and laying your eyes on the amazing collection of ornaments which you’ve amassed over many decades. With a cup of hot cocoa in hand, you hang each one on the tree, and step back with a smile to see it all come together.

But, this year, you may be on the hunt for a few new additions. Perhaps, you’d like to add a more personal touch. Well, you’re in luck! We’ve got the perfect opportunity for you.

Join the fun at Glassie Ladies for a craft-filled evening as you create 3 very special glass ornaments for your tree! These talented women will assist you in the creative process, ensuring that you walk out of their shop with a collection of handmade, personalized ornaments, ready to add to your collection.

This class only costs $45! Call now to register. 803-796-0407, and visit their website here.


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