Ride The Soda Cap Connector! and win $125 in gift cards!

After all these years of traffic, and driving, and traffic, and driving, and car repairs, and driving… aren’t we all a bit tired of the routine?  Why don’t we, as 50+ers, embrace our public transit? Let me guess… it seems like a bother. Where does it go? Probably nowhere I need to go… Is it clean? Who rides it?

soda cap bus

Guess what… nobody rides it. And if we don’t get busy and start riding, it is going to go away. And that’s truly a shame. Because we are really really tired of traffic and driving, aren’t we?

The COMET public transit system’s Soda Cap Connector is a FREE downtown transportation service available to everyone in the Midlands. The Soda Cap Connector runs Tuesday – Saturday, and stops at some of Columbia’s most popular destinations! Travel the Soda Cap when you need to get from the Vista to Five Points, and anywhere in between like the SC State Museum, State House, Main Street District, Soda City Market, USC, or area shops, bars and restaurants. You’ll enjoy a free, efficient, and comfortable ride on The Cap, without having to worry about parking spaces or meters. Find stops wherever you see the Soda Cap’s distinctive  signage, and track buses live on the free TransLoc Rider app. Next time you need a lift, Catch the Cap! Look for the bus stops with this icon: 

Soda Cap Connector

Can you at least give this thing a try? Tell you what. If you ride it and you take a selfie of yourself aboard it, we will enter your name into a hat for a drawing of a collection of $25 – $50 gift certificates to 5 area restaurants… you’ll eat yourself silly! Deadline to enter is December 8th. Post the picture on social media with the hashtag #funafterfifty.net and you’ll be entered.

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  1. ep says:

    Hi, I still don’t know after this article where the bus stops are and where to catch one of the busses. Or when the starting time is and how often it goes and how long every day.
    Also I have no idea how to post anything on social media and have no idea what a hashtag is and ho to use it on social media…and I am hardly 50….could yoa all make this a little more informative and EASY??? I feel very frustrated after this article


  2. I am sorry you feel frustrated! Here is a link to a map you can download that might help you find the Connector stops. http://catchthecomet.org/routes/
    Once you get here, click on “Soda City Connector” and you’ll open a route map. Since you don’t use Social Media just email a picture of yourself standing at a Connector bottle cap sign to kathy@gardenermedia.com


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