Stay Glassie!

Glassie Ladies in West Columbia is more than a showroom for glass art and purveyor of glass and glass supplies; it’s also a studio, where Stained Glass Artist Pat Formo Stone conducts her Stained, Mosaic and Fused Glass classes each week. Her manager, Jan Key, also teaches each class and is their resident Fused Glass expert!

IMG_6191What’s the difference between the stained, mosaic and fused glass methods? When creating a piece of stained glass artwork, the glass is cut and covered with copper foil, then soldered to make items like window panels, suncatchers and the like. According to Pat, stained glass is the most labor-intensive technique of the three, but, she says, “also the most rewarding”, and she would know; Pat has been working in stained glass since 2000. She has crafted many original pieces of custom stained glass art and taught both artists and hobbyists in the Tiffany copper foil method of stained glass design.

If you decide to try a mosaic glass project at Glassie Ladies, you will create your art from broken pieces of glass or other materials like stones, porcelain, and shells, which are then glued onto a base. Grout is applied between the pieces, and it is then cleaned and sealed. Examples of mosaic glass projects include picture frames, bird houses, stepping stones, crosses, and mirrors.


Fused glass art entails stacking pieces of glass together, then firing the piece of art in a kiln so that they “melt” together to create objects like windchimes, garden ornaments, and dishes.

IMG_6193If you are interested in acquiring a new skill or would like to make a gift for someone that will last a lifetime, Glassie Ladies’ glass classes are for you! Whether you are a beginner or beyond, their personalized training in the art of glass will help you to create objects of art in the stained glass method, the mosaic method, or the fused glass method. If you would like to commission a piece, allow Glassie Ladies to turn your vision into a beautiful piece of art, using the quality craftsmanship for which they are known.

Check the Glassie Ladies website for class schedules and details, or contact them for more information at or 803-796-0407.

738 Meeting Street | 803.796.0407 |
Hours: Tuesday through Friday, 10am – 6pm and Saturday, 10am – 5pm

Make Fused Glass Christmas Ornaments on November 29th – from 6-8pm!

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