Trippin’ Overnight: Clemson, SC

Yearning for a quiet getaway within SC borders? Look no further than Clemson! Tucked into the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, Clemson boasts beautiful wilderness, rich history, and amazing restaurants. This town is so much more than Clemson University.

Lodging || The Inn at Patrick Square
At the heart of downtown Clemson lies The Inn at Patrick Square. With spacious, accommodating rooms, and a fantastic location, this is place has comfort written all over it. Front desk staff is knowledgeable and friendly, and breakfast at Stumphouse Cafe will provide the perfect kickstart for a day of exploring! This inn is brand new, but operates with the efficiency of a business that has been running for years! For a relaxing time, look no further than the Inn at Patrick Square! 115 Market St. 864.643.0600.
South Carolina Botanical Garden
Take a walk through 300 acres of curated landscapes in the Botanical Garden. This amazing collection of indigenous wildlife is nearly 70 years old! Featuring trails and boardwalks lined with colorful flowers, historical landmarks like the Hunt Cabin and the Hanover House, a fascinating Geology Museum, and more!
Historic Homes
Fort Hill Plantation, the former residence of John C. Calhoun, rests in the heart of downtown Clemson. This 19th century antebellum home is open to the public for tours. Just outside of the city is Ashtabula Plantation, a former Traveler’s Tavern built in 1790, and Collins Ole Towne, an authentic recreation of a 1930s town.

Lunch || Yolk Asian Kitchen
Crispy, but tender meats, fresh vegetables, and a perfectly fried egg on top. Yolk Asian Kitchen is fast-becoming a Clemson staple. Customers can choose from an expansive menu featuring familiar foods like pork belly and chicken, or try something more unique, such as calamari, and even Spam! Yolk is a trendy lunch spot, guaranteed to leave you satisfied. 906 Tiger Boulevard. 864.623.7977.
SFM_5.5x8.5_July (1)

Dinner || Loose Change
Looking for a casual dinner to grab a drink and watch the game? Look no further than local-favorite Loose Change! Serving up juicy burgers and creative sandwiches, homemade chips, and a comfortable atmosphere, this long-serving Clemson restaurant has it all! If you’re feeling adventurous, try the jalapeño cheese hushpuppies! 349 College Avenue 864.654.1090

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