SC’s Military History

From the colonial era to the present, South Carolinians have answered the call to military service and served our state and our country with honor and distinction. Learn more about South Carolina’s fascinating military history by visiting the SC Confederate Relic Room and Military Museum!

Founded in 1896, the SC Confederate Relic Room and Military Museum is the third oldest museum in South Carolina. In addition to having one of the country’s most expansive collections of battle flags, weapons and uniforms, the museum features three galleries: the Main Gallery, which traces SC’s martial tradition through every American conflict – from the Revolutionary War, on through the Mexican, Civil, and Spanish-American wars, World War I and II, the War on Terror and other American conflicts, to the present. In the Cistern Gallery, you’ll find long-term, large-scale exhibits on display for 1-2 years at a time. The Malvina Gist Gallery offers smaller, specialized exhibits that remain on display for only a limited time, making each visit to the museum a new experience!

The SC Confederate Relic Room and Military Museum purchased in 2017 the C.A. Huey Collection, the largest collection of imported British arms and equipment used in the American Civil War, which complements its Colin J. McRae Archival Papers collection of over 2,500 documents related to the international aspects of the American Civil War. The museum’s award-winning Write From The Front program collects emails, photographs, letters and objects from South Carolinians serving in the current War on Terror. On exhibit are letters from Sgt. Steve Flaherty, 101st Airborne, that were the first official transfer of Vietnam War historical material between the US and the Socialist Republic of Vietnam in 2012, given to Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta.
An exhibit on South Carolina and the Vietnam War, commemorating the 50th anniversary of that war, will open in Spring 2019.

The Museum Gift Shop offers a variety of items and novelties such as pop guns, puzzles, children’s Confederate and Union uniforms, spy glasses, toy soldiers, coin sets, and battlefield maps. Browse from artwork, books, SC memorabilia, SC State Capitol carpet squares, jewelry, SC seal lapel pins, paperweights, and ornaments.

Call 803.737.8095 for more information.

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