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glassie-ladiesHistoric Columbiahist-cola-house 803.252.7742

Historic Columbia is a non-profit organization that focuses on preserving Columbia’s wealth of historic properties and artifacts, and educating the public on local history. They offer year-round workshops geared towards helping citizens form a better understanding of the world around them in ways that are both entertaining and educational.


Richland County Public Library
The Richland County Public Library is a Columbia staple, offering courses and activities in multiple locations that cover a wide variety of subjects. Examples include Ukulele lessons, group harvesting of the St. Andrews Makerspace, tips for preserving aged photographs, and even a Stephen King book club!

Lourie Center
The Lourie Center’s Midlands Lifelong Learning Program is an innovative new educational opportunity designed to refresh, or keep fresh, the minds of older adults! These four-week learning sessions cover topics such as the diseases of famous people like Napoleon and Audrey Hepburn, the history of classical music in Columbia, and a better understanding of cyber security. Click here to see their latest offerings.

City of Columbia
803.252.2911 | Columbiasc.gov
The City of Columbia offers its citizens experiences designed to expand knowledge and discover new things! The City’s Worlds of Creativity series is a monthly lecture designed to inform Columbians on cultures from around the world. On the first Thursday of each month, visiting guests use art and music to give the audience a taste of their corner of the globe.


Columbia Museum of Art
The Columbia Museum of Art’s classes and events are designed to promote lifelong learning. This valuable resource offers Columbia’s senior citizens an opportunity to engage with the arts community year-round through exhibits, group tours, and workshops.

The Nickelodeon Theater
803.254.8234 | Nickelodeon.org
“The Nick” is Columbia’s only arthouse cinema! Year-round, their two theatres screen unique, eye-opening films. Through their Indie Grits Labs, they offer introductory classes in subjects like Film Photography and Screenwriting, so you’ll learn the skills necessary to start on that Romantic Comedy you’ve always wanted to write!

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