In Your Garden: The Scoop on Bird Feeders

Bird feeders offer the best way to turn your own backyard into a mini oasis for the wild birds in your area. They’re usually filled with a variety of seeds to suit the different species of our feathered friends. The most popular types of seed include millet, safflower, sunflower, and thistle.
laurel-crest-FAF-July2018Apart from satisfying the hunger of birds, bird feeders also provide an excellent treat for your feathered friends. To everyone’s surprise, some birds you would never think of can be witnessed in our very own backyards. Bird feeders come in different varieties and design depending upon the species of bird they cater to. The most common types are hopper feeder, seed tube feeder, hummingbird feeder, suet feeder, and oriole feeders.

Types of feeders:
Seed feeders are very popular; they come either with tubes or hoppers. Mainly these feeders are laden with sunflower seeds to attract birds like chickadees, nuthatches, and finches.

Tree sparrow and blue tit with bird seeds
A suet feeder comprises of a cage-like structure made of metal, coated with plastic. It is this plastic that contains a cake or suet. Suet is mainly a bird feed including animal fat, which prevents the feed from turning rancid and protects it from the adverse effects of moisture. Also, they could be hung from windows or any tree tops thus giving us a clear view of the birds in action. These bird feeders attract woodpeckers the best.
COL-Fun50Ad-1807-bleeds (1)
Unlike the seed feeders, Hummingbird feeders offer the feed in a liquid form. This usually consists of sugary syrup solution that is particularly preferred by hummingbirds. To attract the bird, the solution is painted in bright color. But care should be taken while choosing the coloring material, for often birds fall ill to harmful coloring agents.
Oriole feeders are orange in color. They too supply a liquid form of nourishment. They primarily cater to birds having a uniquely pointed beak and tongue. Apart from the quality of the feed provided in a feeder, the success of this feeder largely depends on its location and when its placed out of reach of intruders like squirrels and cats.

In spite of providing us hours of bird watching entertainment, feeders still do have their own negative impacts on the bird community. If the feeders are not kept clean, they can spread disease among birds as they come in contact with one another.

We encourage you to stop by Wings & Things and check out all the different varieties of bird feeders we carry. There’s no way better to enjoy your backyard then inviting an array of beautiful birds to dinner.

Wings & Things has opened inside the walls of the Produce Market at Wingard’s Market.

Article written by the knowledgable staff at Wingard’s Market on Hwy 6 in Lexington.

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