Grab Life By The Phone

The South Carolina Equipment Distribution Program serves SC residents with hearing and/or speech impairments by providing telephone equipment and alerting devices at no cost. These devices are specialized products that help make communication over the phone easier. There are different options available for applicants to choose from. The equipment can be kept as long as it is needed.
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To qualify for the program, one must be a SC resident, have a hearing and/or speech impairment, and have phone service. Simply fill out an application and have it signed by your doctor. Next, mail it in to SCEDP with a copy of your SC ID and phone bill (cell, or landline). After the application process is complete the equipment will be shipped to your address. For those that do not feel comfortable connecting their own equipment, SCEDP offers installation at no cost.

All eligible residents are encouraged to apply. Please contact SCEDP if you have any questions or need any help choosing a product that works best for you.

Apply in five easy steps here:, or call them at 803.737.0808.

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