Tips for a Successful Job Hunt

Women using laptop

Lost your job? Thinking about taking a break before you delve into the hunt for a new one? This is a mistake, as employers do not like to see lapses in a person’s work history. It signals that you’re really not all that interested in staying employed. Employers like self-starters. You could consult or blog in your field while you seek employment. Add that experience to your resume.


Don’t use the internet or computers much? There is nothing noble or charming about being technology-ignorant. Midlands Technical College offers a series of Beginning Computer Courses, as does the Richland Library.

Not on LinkedIn yet? Get on there! That’s where employers look for new talent. Not on Facebook or Twitter? Start using them. Employers look job applicants up on these platforms, and if you’re not there, it feeds into the ageism stereotype that you, along with your generation, lack technology skills.

Stay flexible. You may have to adjust your wage expectations and/or the position you’re willing to accept. Let employers know that you have the financial wherewithal to survive a cut in pay (if you don’t, they’ll fear you’ll keep looking for another job after they’ve hired and trained you) and that you’re excited about learning new things and taking on new roles and responsibilities. Admit that you know you’ll have to work your way up the ladder, like everyone else.


Use online resources. offers job seekers information about employment opportunities across the state. It also assists in resume building and job fair listings. offers a calendar listing of workshops that help people learn skills that may help them land their next job.

Start your own business! This can be the cloud’s silver lining when it’s difficult to find a new job. Have you wondered what it would be like to run your own company? There is help out there to get you considering this option from all sides. The Small Business Administration offers online courses like Encore Entrepreneurship for Women which is an introduction to business planning directed at women over the age of 50 and Introduction to Franchising presents an overview of franchising and how to determine if it’s right for you. Go to and look for the Learning Center tab.

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