STAY in the Home You Love!

You want to stay in the home you love, but your home is full of limitations. Navigating certain areas has become more difficult due to physical issues. Warmer weather is here stairliftand you want to get out and enjoy your yard, porch, deck or pool. AccessNSM can help you make the modifications that will allow you to enjoy your home in its entirety.

Aging in place didn’t used to come easily, especially if your house had multiple stories, or a difficult layout. Nowadays, many builders are designing homes with these concerns in mind, and addressing the issues that have previously dogged aging homeowners. For seniors who want to stay where they are, but are afraid that they will need costly renovations to eliminate current obstacles, the convenient products and services offered by AccessNSM are the solution.


AccessNSM is a division of National Seating & Mobility, and the fastest growing accessibility company in the nation. In 30 years of service, they have helped countless people challenged by physical issues to maintain their independence in their homes. Offering high quality items that comfortably and safely provide solutions for each individuals unique lifestyles. AccessNSM offers a full line of merchandise, across all price points, for every room in your home, for outside your home, and even for your vehicle.
It all starts with a Complimentary in person Assessment to fully understand the goals of the individual and their family. AccessNSM provides free, no-obligation, home and vehicle evaluations by their team of highly-trained Blue Shirt Professionals, who will discuss all of the options open to you. They will work with you every step of the way, from in-home assessment to final installation and beyond. Blue Shirt Professionals will advise you based on their years of experience in making sure residents feel at ease in their homes, and make suggestions to meet your specific needs.

Often, clients aren’t aware of the breadth of accessibility products available to them, or the ease with which accessibility can be achieved without the need for an expensive upgrade. AccessNSM’s stairlift installers are factory-trained technicians with decades of experience. They can help you find the perfect electric stairlift for your home, whether you need it indoors or outdoors, and can accommodate straight, curved, or even spiral staircases. For the home’s bathroom, AccessNSM can make suggestions from their extensive assortment of bathroom aids, which are designed to be tasteful, yet blend seamlessly into their surroundings. After installation, technicians will continue to be there for you, to answer any questions and visit your home for service calls or maintenance.


AccessNSM has vehicle lift solutions for easy transportation and storage of wheelchairs and scooters, or Patient Lifts to move someone throughout the entire home. They also specialize in indoor and outdoor Wheelchair Platform Lifts to get your mobility device up or down stairs and landings. Have a Pool? AccessNSM provides pool lifts as well. Lift Chair Recliners are plush and tasteful in addition to providing total body relaxation, and today’s Mobility Scooters and innovative WHILL Power Wheelchairs provide indoor and outdoor maneuverability, to get you anywhere you want to go. These products can result in less stressful routines, and get you back to doing the things you enjoy in comfort and without fear of injury.

Modern accessibility can help you change any area in your home to better suit your needs, provide a further freedom, and to create a safer living environment. AccessNSM’s dynamic products will keep you active, happy, and in harmony with your surroundings.

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