Is Your Dog Bored or Restless?

dog sleeping

Treat them with a trip to a local dog park! They’ll love exercising, splashing, and socializing with other pups. There are many parks in the Midlands where you can bring your pooch on a leash; the parks we list here are off-leash. Before you go, check the park’s website for additional rules and regulations.


The NOMA Bark Park on North Main Street in Earlewood Park is a membership-based park for registered dogs only. Along with the fee of $15-25 per year, dogs are required to be spayed/neutered and vaccinated. The park has approximately two acres of fenced-in space, separate small dog and large dog play areas, walking trails and amenities like benches, water fountains, pools, shade trees, evening lighting and pet-waste disposal stations.


The Columbia Doggie Park at 127 Humane Lane, is another members-only park that requires a yearly registration fee of $50 and proof of vaccinations as well as spay/neuter. This large, off-leash park features shade trees and running drinking water, as well as a three foot deep in-ground doggie pool!

Emily Douglas Park, on Wheat Street in Shandon, is the city’s only FREE off-leash dog park. The park is fenced in and includes lots of shade, as well as a doggie drinking area for your pooch.

The Barking Lot Dog Park at Saluda Shoals Park requires your dog(s) to be up to date on required shots as well as spayed/neutered, with a fee of $40 per year (1-2 dogs). The two-acre fenced, off-leash area has room for dogs to romp in, running water, three small bone-shaped pools for dogs to cool off in, and a gazebo for owners to relax in.

The Dog Park at Sesquicentennial State Park is a 2-acre, fenced-in area for dogs to run off-leash, with shallow splash pools, tables and benches. Small dogs have a separate fenced area with a small pool for their enjoyment. A permit is required (daily $4; yearly $25), along with proof of vaccinations and spay/neuter. When applying for the permit, your dog must be present for photographing purposes.


The Lexington Paw Park is a beautiful three-acre area where your pup will enjoy playing, socializing and interacting with other dogs! Features include an agility course with tire jump, weave poles, a tunnel and cat walk, with cute details like painted paw prints on the sidewalks and custom painted fire hydrants. You must first register your dog with the Town of Lexington, which requires proof of spay/neuter and vaccinations. Membership fees are: first dog $30, additional dog(s) $15 (in-town), and for out of towners, the first dog is $50; additional dog(s) $25.

Stay Tuned:
A new dog park is part of the Master Plan for renovations at Owens Field Park, at 1351 Jim Hamilton Boulevard.
Group of dogs playing in the park

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