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Retirement Road Trip

Recreational Vehicles (RVs) are currently enjoying a resurgence in popularity. In fact, according to the Recreation Vehicle Industry Association, sales are better than they’ve been in four decades! This trend is due in part to active Baby Boomers, with their newfound disposable incomes, who are looking to travel like they couldn’t before while working or child rearing. Add to that strides in technology, which have made working and socializing from anywhere possible, historically low gas prices, the multitude and quality of RV parks, and the RV industry itself, which has grown to include models that come with all of the features and comforts of home.


Are you itching to see the country in a different way, or looking for a “mobile retirement”? If so, you’ll first need to decide if you want to rent or buy an RV.

Owning vs. Renting

Owning an RV has its perks. Many retirees count travel as their favorite activity and a primary expense and for them, having a permanent place to stay without the hassle (and cost) of hotel rooms is reason enough to commit. However, between the searching and researching that’s necessary to find the right vehicle for you, and the sometimes enormous start-up costs involved in buying an RV, ownership can be daunting.

Renting is perfect for the consumer who has never been RVing before, or who is thinking about buying. At Todd’s RV Rentals in Lexington, you can rent a 40’ motorhome that sleeps 4-5, for $1,799 to $2,093 per week. That includes 100 free miles per day and eight free hours per day of generator use. A 60-90 minute walk-through of the vehicle and its features by staff will familiarize you with everything before your trip.


To learn more, visit an RV show or a dealer – there are several in the Greater Columbia area – who can show you the latest innovations in RV travel. There are also many social clubs and websites devoted to RVing. The Carolina Rovers are a local Chapter of the Escapees RV Club, a national community of RVers established in 1978 to educate and support those interested in an RVing lifestyle. RVing Women is a national network of women, for women who love to RV, and The Innovators of NC & SC are part of the National African-American RV’ers Association (NAARVA), which brings RV owners together for fellowship, fun and recreation and to share their experiences.

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  1. We retired early to tour Europe with our four dogs in a caravan. It is such a wonderful and relatively inexpensive way to see the countryside and meet people!


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