South Carolina State Library’s Blind Services & Online Collections

3 Cool Things to Know About the South Carolina State Library

Talking Book Services

The South Carolina State Library’s Talking Book Services department provides reading materials to residents who are unable to use conventional print materials due to physical disabilities, visual impairment or blindness, temporary disabilities and physically-based reading disabilities. The department’s collection includes over 70,000 audio books, as well as descriptive videos, and books and magazines that can be downloaded via home computer and mobile phone. The library also has available a wide selection of Large Print books, Braille books and a Web-Braille service.

Rare Books Collection

The South Carolina State Library’s Rare Books Collection includes approximately 2,000 items, including political speeches, periodicals, historical scientific works and literature. You can search the collection through the library’s SCLENDS online catalog. A couple of examples of available Rare Books include, “Charleston After The Earthquake” from 1886, a lithographic souvenir book with 18 pages of various Charleston scenes of destruction after the 1886 earthquake, and “The Woman’s Gift of Literature, Science and Morality”, from 1851, featuring dating advice, poetry and religious tracts meant to encourage ladies to “do good, to be good, and to disseminate human happiness.” This document contains an address to John C. Calhoun about various points that they disagree on and why. “The letters of Lowndes, addressed to the Hon. John C  Calhoun.”

Indie South Carolina

The South Carolina State Library’s Indie SC e-book collection includes fiction, nonfiction, and poetry by self-published and independent local authors. Discover historical books, science fiction, mysteries, memoirs, young adult and children’s fiction and poetry…all by fellow South Carolinians! Just go online to the library’s Collections page, then to the Indie SC e-book collection. On the Indie South Carolina site, pick one of the Collections in the list, and explore the books available in that genre. Once you’ve found a book, click Read This to access the book’s content.


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