Selling Your Stuff

We are moving. We’re leaving a 2400 square foot home in Irmo, and heading to our smaller lake house for full-time lakeside living. I’m happy we’ll have just one home to clean, to maintain and to pay taxes on.

But we have a problem…

toomuchstuffFor years and years we have collected rocks, dishes, glassware, ceramics, paintings, knick knacks, books, pottery and oddities. We have regularly hung out at flea markets, antique shops, art galleries, art fairs and festivals, finding little inexpensive treasures, most of which are not worth more than the few bucks we paid for them. We don’t want to take all this stuff with us and pile it up at the lake house – not that it would even fit. So how are we going to divest ourselves of all these hoarded up possessions? Some of it is surely worth something to someone. After all, we did buy it. We hate to give it all away and get nothing for it… what are our options? Good thing my staff asked me to write this article so I could figure out just what can be done.

Auction: Going once, going twice… sold! McGee Auction House in West Columbia has an auction every Thursday evening. They accept consignments on Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays from 1pm – 5pm. C. H. Livingston has online auctions, about once every 2 weeks, until their new building is completed. Consignment info is on their website at

Antique shop booth: the advantage here is that you can sell your stuff in a shop that you do not have to maintain. You pay a booth rental fee and sometimes a percentage of the goods sold. You do have to keep replenishing your booth with new items to keep interest alive. C.H. Livingston Estates and Auctioneering is opening a downtown antique mall soon. They are taking vendor applications now at


Specialty dealer: When I found out that Heroes and Dragons will come out and evaluate living estates and collections of comic books, sci-fi books and materials, hero-related collectibles, etc. and buy part or all of it, I knew who I was going to call for that part of our treasure trove. Chris Foss has been in business since 1982, and is a trusted expert in this field. 803-315-9199.  You can find links to Heroes and Dragons and other specialty dealers like jewelers, coin dealers, antique furniture dealers below:

Comic books, sci-fi books, action figures, games, etc.:

Jewelry: good tips from the American Gem Society:

Jewelers: Floyd and Green Jewelers (Aiken) | Palmetto Gems and Geological Services (Chapin) | Sylvan and Dubose (Devine St.) | Unforgettable Jewelry (Devine St.)

Coin Dealers: Low Country Coins ( is located at 280 Harbison Blvd and is open Tues-Fri from 11am – 5pm and Sat 11am – 3pm. Figure out exactly what your scrap gold is worth, read an overview of the coin selling process and more on their website.

Antique Furniture: Chicora Antiques (Columbia) | Camden Antiques Market (Camden)

Yard sale: If you want to move your stuff quickly and you aren’t worried about getting top dollar, advertise a Yard Sale on craigslist and be prepared for lots of dealers showing up early to scoop up the bargains. That’s what they are looking for, so you won’t get top dollar or close to it with this method. But you’ll move your items quickly.

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  1. Denise in SC says:

    You mention coin dealers but don’t have one listed. Do you have a recommendation?


    1. Hi Denise! Thank you for your comment. We just updated the page, as there is a coin dealer in Harbison called Low Country Coins that would be great to check out! This same chain also has a shop in Florence and Charleston, but their website seems to have a lot of helpful information.


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