Sleep Well

When Counting Sheep Doesn’t Work Counting Sheep

Tips on Snoozing Better:

  • Keep your sleep environment quiet, dark, and cool–between 60 and 75°F.
  • Establish a soothing pre-sleep routine (take a bath, read a book, practice relaxation exercises).
  • Try to go to sleep and get up at the same time each day.
  • Avoid bright screens and late-night television before bed.
  • Avoid caffeine, alcohol, nicotine, and other chemicals that interfere with your sleep.
  • Nap earlier in the day–or not at all.
  • No big meals before bed. Try a light snack instead.
  • Exercise earlier in the day.
  • Don’t watch your clock. Better yet, turn it away from you.
  • Go to sleep when you’re actually tired. Tossing and turning only amps up the anxiety. If you’re not sleepy, do something relaxing – reading, drinking a warm cup of caffeine-free tea, taking a bath, or listening to soothing music. When you are sleepy, go back to bed.
  • Balance your fluid intake. No one enjoys being awakened by the need for a trip to the bathroom.
  • Sleep on a good mattress that provides adequate back support
Mattresses for Best Back Support:
Cozy bedMemory foam mattresses offering heat-dissipating fabrics and interior cooling gel. Known for comfort because they contour to your specific shape, these mattresses reduce pressure points, relieve pain, and absorb movement.

Latex mattresses
are firm and supportive but also provide comfort similar to memory foam Mattressmattresses.  Latex mattresses or mattress toppers are perfect for relieving back pain because they provide a great combination of comfort and support.


Innerspring mattresses range in firmness and in price, but recent studies have shown that medium-firmness mattresses are best for those suffering from lower back pain.  A latex or memory foam topper can be added on top of the coils for additional comfort.


Southern Bedding
Southern Bedding

Southern Bedding, located off Huger St. near I-126 in Columbia, specializes in manufacturing high-quality latex mattresses and double sided mattresses. Not a typical retail store, they are mattress makers.  At Southern Bedding, they utilize the highest-quality, environmentally-conscious materials to create your custom mattress on site, cutting out distributors and “middleman” costs.  Southern Bedding also carries memory foam mattresses and pillows made by M Lily. Contact Karen Lanier at Southern Bedding for a mattress consultation. 803.765.9630

Seek Professional Help:
Laurel CrestSleep disorders like sleep apnea and insomnia are common and can be more serious than people realize. Many patients assume that problems like bad snoring, insomnia, and daytime drowsiness are “just the way I am,” and therefore not real diseases that require evaluation. In fact, these sleep conditions are not only annoying to patients (and others nearby), but also impair mental and physical function, impact job performance and pose major health risks. For example, people with Sleep Apnea are 6 times more likely to die prematurely.
So, if you or someone you love has trouble sleeping, breathing issues at night, restlessness in bed, twitching of the limbs, sleep talking, Doctordrowsiness upon waking, bothersome daytime sleepiness, or morning aches and pains, call Family Medicine Centers of South Carolina at 803.788.7884 to schedule a “Sleep Medicine Consultation.” All are welcome, even if not currently registered with their practice.

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