5 Cool Contraptions for the Home!

Sleep Better Device
This is a system that monitors your sleep from a device that you put under your mattress. The under-mattress gizmo analyzes your sleep – all your tossing, turning and goodness-knows-what-else you do up-top, and then provides environmental sensing to a Bedside Device that emits light and sound programs to help you fall asleep and wake up rested. Like if you’re thinking about getting lovey-dovey with your mate, and it’s late, and you have to get up for work tomorrow, it starts playing your bosses’ voice warning you about being late. Your boss will love it! It works with an easy-to-use mobile app that allows you to visualize your sleep cycles, understand what wakes you up and when, and compare one nights’ sleep to another.

3-in-1 Breakfast Maker3 in 1 breakfast maker

Great if you’re tight on space! This is an oven, coffee maker and griddle all in one. I wonder if you can get one for your car.  Something to do on your way to work.
Purchase this cool little gadget from any of these retailers:
Home Depot

Fire Columnsfire-column

Want to light up your backyard with something other than tiki torches? Add a few fire columns around your patio for extra warmth and lighting. Give the grandkids access for roasting marshmallows. Purchase fire columns from any of these retailers:

IllumiBowl Toilet Night LightGlowBowl-GB001-Motion-Activated-Toilet-Nightlight-8-hires

As seen on Shark Tank, this invention is quite nifty for those of us who aren’t fans of bright bathroom lights in the middle of the night. This device fits any toilet and is motion activated. Sets to color-rotate or single color (8 color options).  Try the 8-color setting after a night of drinking! Fun!

The Toilet Night Light can be purchased from:

Touch of Modern
Bed, Bath & Beyond

Techie Doorbelltechie-doorbell

See who’s at your door, from your phone, from anywhere! With wide angled HD video, smart motion detection, and cloud recording, it’s like you’re home even when you’re not! See who’s creeping around your front porch when you’re not there.  As soon as motion is detected, the system calls your phone with a video image of the front porch.  I want one so when I see a neighborhood kid up on my porch snooping around, I can say something through the speaker like “You are trespassing.  The police have been called.  Lay down and wait for their arrival.” Then I’ll come home from work and see if he’s still laying there.
Get one today from one of these retailers:

Best Buy
Home Depot

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