Love Your Home: Lawn & Landscaping

Lighten Upball2
Now is the time to add stylish outdoor lighting to your home. Solar Hanging Gazing Balls by Evergreen Enterprises add a subtle glow to gardens and patios. These lights are also eco-friendly, which is good for the environment! Styles range from Multi Mosaic and Mosaic Blue, while the Night Garden collection remains the brand’s best seller. Can be purchased in a set of 3. Prices range from $39-$49. Order online from Amazon, Sears or Walmart.

Milkweed for Monarchsbutterfly
When starting a butterfly garden, consider planting Milkweed. This common plant is important because one of the most iconic species of butterfly depends on it – the Monarch. The population has decreased from more than 1 billion to about 50 million…a 95% decline! Go to and purchase Milkweed seeds native to the SC region such as: Poke, Sandhill or Ice Ballet. Encourage this beautiful species from becoming extinct – save the Monarchs!


Home Security at your Fingertips
Looking for the best in home security? Now, there are more innovative features than ever when it comes to protecting what’s yours. Amazing technology lets you control lights, doors, cameras and energy usage right from your smartphone! Door/window sensors trigger alarm and door chimes so that you know when someone is coming and going and outdoor infrared cameras can provide clear, live video in real time from your mobile device. Weather resistant, these cameras can let you see up to 49 feet in total darkness.

Set in Stone: Outdoor Landscaping Ideaskathys_lake_house
Stone accents can add drama and a touch of class to the exterior of your home. Architectural stone or veneers can be applied directly on top of brick or wood, and many professionals can show you what your vision will look like before you get started. Stone accents are very cost effective, providing durable quality and resistance to low temperatures and moisture.

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