Love Your Home: Get Ready for Summer

Outdoor Sanctuarygazebo
Appreciate the beauty of your outdoor surroundings even more from your own gazebo. Websites like offer FREE gazebo plans complete with building tips, images, videos, diagrams and more to design the hub of your social life, or a secluded sanctuary. Here’s a direct link.

Let the Sunshine Insunroom
Thinking about adding a sunroom to your home? Conservatory sunrooms bring dramatic light and provide lots of scenery to your backyard landscape. To grow plants in a conservatory, plan for water-resistant flooring, such as ceramic tile, and easy access to water, such as an exterior-style spigot. Sunrooms save energy, benefit your health by reducing stress from enjoying fresh air and natural light, and add incredible value to your home! Liven up your home with wall-to-wall windows and skylights. As far as decorating goes, use flowing flower arrangements, light wicker furniture and green paneling for a calming setting, leather and rustic accessories for a warm, woodsy appeal, or hand carved furnishings with rustic patterns for a nature-inspired mountain look.


Asian Inspiredbamboo
Bamboo fencing adds a Far East flair to your backyard landscaping and proves to be more durable than wood. Inexpensive and environmentally friendly! Aesthetically pleasing, durable, easy-to-install, bamboo fencing transforms a yard’s ambiance, enhances landscapes, and inspires you to rethink the possibilities of what a fence can be. This type of fencing is also termite resistant, which can last 15-20 years.

Create Your Own Shangri-La!purple-candle
Our lives are stressful, and we all need an escape – to a place where it’s cool, refreshing and relaxing. Create a space within your home where you can quietly read, pray, write or think. Someplace where you can burn a scented candle for 15 minutes once a day, and just contemplate the flame. Choose a corner of your bedroom ( or room with locking door), and be prepared to rearrange the furniture. Put a super-comfy chair there, one that welcomes you and your tushee! Beside the chair, place a table with drawers or a cabinet to hold your relaxation tools…a Bible, a book, pens, paper, candles, sleep mask, earplugs…whatever will take you to Shangri-La!
You’ll need a soft light lamp too. Hang pictures above the area that take you to a peaceful place…the beach, the mountains, a deep forest. Once you have your corner created, make sure those with whom you share your home know that you are off-limits for 15 or 20 minutes a day. A “do-not-disturb” sign helps. If you share your home with pets or kids, keep a sheet or blanket handy to cover your chair when you’re not in it. We suggest that this place is yours and yours alone, and you let everyone know that!

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