Peace, Man. Managing Your Stuff.

“A house is just a place to keep your stuff while you go out and get more stuff.”  “That’s what a house is… a pile of stuff with a roof on it.”  Remember those lines from George Carlin? I think most of us 50+ funhavers come to a point where we wish we didn’t have quite so much “stuff”. But the thought of going through all of it, deciding what to keep and what to give away, throw away or donate, is overwhelming.

Laurel Crest

How does one begin?  Start out simply.  Look at your bookshelves.  Do you have books that you haven’t picked up in ages?  Take those books to your local library and let someone else read the stories you love.  It will make you feel good thinking about someone else getting enjoyment from them.

Now look into a kitchen cupboard.  When’s the last time you used that Bundt pan? Give it to a daughter or neighbor who bakes cakes. Is the utensil drawer so full that you can barely open it and close it? Go through it and think “have I used this in the past year?” If not, place in a donation box for His House, Oliver Gospel Thrift Store, Habitat for Humanity Re-Store or other charitable thrift store.

Fam Medicine Centers of SC

Want to get back some of the money for your stuff?  Look to consignment shops. You take your item(s) to the shop, they agree to put said item(s) on display, and when the item sells, you get the proceeds minus the consignment fee. You can change your mind at any time as long as the item has not sold.  Here are a few consignment shops with times noted for bringing in your items and their splits on selling your stuff: note: percentages subject to change

Roundabouts Consignments  in NE Columbia(T-Th 11-3, W 10-6, Less than$100 50/50, $100-500 60 you/40, More than $500 65 you/35 (803) 736-5446)

Revente in Five Points (M-Sat 10-12 or 2-5, 12-5 Sun ,40% or 60% on premiere label, ex. Chanel, LV, (803) 256-3076)

Make a plan to move from room to room, and give yourself a reward once you’ve completed a whole room.  News! … you don’t have to handle this job alone.  There is professional help available!   The business is known as “move managers”.   Candy Waites (you may remember Ms. Waites from Richland County Council) with Senior Move Managers can offer tips and services to get you started “right-sizing”.

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